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Structural Insulated Panels or SIPs are prefabricated building panels used to frame the walls, roof and floors of a structure. When using SIPs you get the framing and insulation all in one package. The result is a strong, highly insulating and airtight panelized form of construction.


RAY-CORE is a completely different, far superior kind of structurally insulated panel! RAY-CORE’s unique patented wall panels and roof panels are not a “sandwich panel”, relying on OSB and glue to provide the structure of your home. RAY-CORE structural insulated panels use century old tried and true framing practices and have added technology and high-tech materials to form a superior insulating panel with foamed-in-place studs, the highest R-value polyurethane foam and wrapped in a radiant vapor barrier.

Ray-Core has the Best SIPs!

  • Exceptional Strength - Stronger than conventional SIPS
  • Superiorly Insulating - Maximum R-Value Polyurethane Foam Insulation
  • Extremely Tight – Keeps the inside in and the outside out
  • Product You Can Trust – Will not delaminate, no glues holding up the structure
  • Availability - Easy ordering, no special plans required and fast shipping
  • Affordable – Least expensive product R-value for R-value
  • Reduced Costs - No added engineering, shop drawings or special approvals
  • Easy to Use - If you can build with sticks, you can build with RAY-CORE
  • Quick – Reduced construction time, results in labor savings
  • Extremely Lightweight – Easy for one man to handle, no cranes required
  • Modular – No ups, downs, rights or lefts
  • Adaptable – Changes aren’t a problem, easy onsite modifications
  • Safe - Class 1 fire rated, will not sustain a flame or melt like polystyrene
  • Mold-free – Polyurethane foam
  • Environmentally friendly – Reduced jobsite waste
  • “Green” – Energy Savings for a lifetime!

What Are Sandwich Panel SIPs?

The most common type of structural insulated panel is referred to as “sandwich panels”. Sometimes referred to as “stressed-skin panels”, these panels generally consist of an insulating material, polystyrene foam, “sandwiched” between two outer “skins” of oriented strand board or OSB. The two materials are laminated together with an adhesive or glue to form a combination panel with the outer skin material providing the “structural” part of the insulated panels. Other variations of insulating and skin materials are occasionally available.

SIPs by Ray-Core

Structurally Insulated Panel by Ray-Core