RAY-CORE SIPs a Must-Have in One of Toronto’s 1st Passive House Projects

SIPs for Toronto Passive House – When home renovation consultant and coach Reiner Hoyer set out to build for himself the ultimate energy efficient home, he knew that RAY-CORE Structural Insulated Panels, often referred to as SIPs, had to be part of the project.  Living in a drafty and poorly insulated 1950’s home that was costing him a fortune to heat and cool, Reiner decided to convert his 60 year old bungalow into a rebuilt, super energy efficient 2 story house.  A contractor for over 30 years, Reiner new he had to do something different, utilizing the latest technology and chose to build to Germany’s Passive House standards.  RAY-CORE SIPs were an integral part of that technology.

SIPs by RAY-CORE in Toronto Passive House

RAY-CORE SIPs Were A Must-Have For This Toronto Passive House

Passive Houses require superior design and components with careful attention paid to wall insulation and roof insulation, design without thermal bridges, air tightness, ventilation with heat recovery, high performance windows and innovative heating technology.  RAY-CORE’s 2×8, 7-1/4” thick staggered stud and polyurethane foam structural insulated panels SIPs was the perfect fit!  The benefits achieved through the use of products such as RAYCORE SIPs have been so great, Reiner’s house doesn’t even have a furnace!Blogging every step of the way, Reiner Hoyer hoped to educate homeowners of products available and the benefits of energy efficient building practices.  Although Reiner may have gone to extremes, there are many inexpensive and simple upgrades and steps that can be taken to drastically reduce the cost of heating and cooling your home.   Homeowners can start to see a payback almost immediately and add to the long-term value of their home.  You can visit Reiner’s blog page and see how RAYCORE SIPs fit into the project by following this link to his page at http://passivehouseto.blogspot.com/2011/03/walls-have-arrived.html  Please read on to learn how Reiner was able to achieve an amazing R61 insulation value in the walls of his new home, combining RAY-CORE SIPs with other practices.

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