Why RAYCORE SIPs? They’re The Smart SIP!

SIPs … So what about RAY-CORE Structural Insulated Panels?  They’re different…

Conventional SIPs otherwise known as stress/stressed-skin or more commonly sandwich panels are a great product, but they don’t come without their problems.  With sandwich panel SIPs, the structural integrity of your home depends solely on the oriented strand board (OSB) skins and their bond to the foam insulation.  Should the OSB become wet or damaged by moisture or the lamination to the foam or glue fail, your walls or roof will lose its structural element and could possibly collapse.  Moisture can lead to the growth of mold and mildew in polystyrene foam products.  EPS foam is not fire-friendly and starts to lose its form and melt at around 180 degrees.  With an increase in temperature the foam will burn, supporting a flame and fueling the fire, spreading it throughout the structure.  There is a smarter choice…

What Makes RAY-CORE the Smart Choice?             



Taking into consideration the inherent problems associated with conventional SIPs, RAY-CORE developed a better structural insulated panel, far superior to other insulated panels on the market.  Using the century old tried and true process of building with wooden studs, RAY-CORE took the process into the controlled environment of a factory, molding the studs into a strong and dependable modular Structural Insulated Panels SIPs.  Adding to the studs superiorly insulating solid polyurethane foam, the cavities between the studs are sealed tight, leaving no gaps or voids and preventing air infiltration.  To top things off, RAY-CORE insulation panels are wrapped in a foil radiant vapor barrier!  As a result, RAY-CORE SIPs are a fortress against the elements.

Up to 4x the Benefits… Without the Problems

RAY-CORE panels are superiorly strong – 4x stronger than a conventional stick-framed wall and 2x as strong as conventional sandwich SIPs panels.  RAY-CORE’s structurally insulated panels, made with polyurethane foam, boast over 7 R-values per inch of wall thickness.  RAY-CORE’s unique blend of super high R-value polyurethane foam is virtually impervious to moisture, does not support the growth of molds and mildew and with a class-1 fire rating, will not melt or support a flame.

All in all, RAY-CORE Structural Insulated Wall Panels and Insulated Roof Panels are far superior to the competitor’s SIP panel… RAY-CORE – The Smart Choice.  Make RAY-CORE a part of your next home for a lifetime of savings.  Call now for a free estimate!1.877.552.2440.

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