Passive Solar SIP Home Receives US Green Building Council (USGBC) Project of the Year Award

SIP Home Green Building Award - Go Logic

SIP Home Received US Green Building Council Project of the Year Award – Go Logic

SIP Home Receives Green Building Award – In October, 2011 the US Green Building Council (USGBC) announced the winner of the 2011 LEED for Homes awards.  For the second consecutive year a SIP home received the 2011 Project of the Year award.  This year’s recipient was GO Logic’s Go Home for its super energy efficient 1500 sf, three-bedroom certified Passive House built in Belfast, Maine.  This was only the 12th home in the United States to be certified under the strict performance based energy efficient Passive House building standard.  It is reported that Passive house homeowners can see up to a 90% reduction in heating costs compared to a conventionally built home.  These amazingly low levels of energy consumption are the result of a super insulated exterior shell with an airtight envelope, proper orientation to take advantage of passive solar, mechanical ventilation and reuse of heat.

Go Logic achieved these goals through the use of insulated concrete forms (ICF’s) and the benefits of highly-insulating SIPs, preventing heat loss through the exterior walls and meeting the Passive House required air leakage maximum of .06 ACH50.  The SIP home further fulfilled the Passive House requirement through proper passive solar design and placement and use of a 2.8kW photovoltaic system, cutting heating loads by 86 percent over a code-built home and reaching net zero.  Benefits to this SIP home owners over the next 25 years include freedom from energy bills and anticipated energy cost savings of over $140,000.  What more could they ask?

With affordability at the top of their list, according to a press release from the USGBC, GO Logic was able to build this high performance SIP home for approximately the same cost as a conventional home of the same size.  The press release further states that GO Logic plans to replicate this design in a planned 36-home development in Maine.

Whether your Green Building goals include reaching Net Zero, or if you simply are looking to build a comfortable, well-insulated and airtight home with low utility bills that won’t break the bank, you must consider a SIP home using RAY-CORE structurally insulated panels.  RAY-CORE’s unique patented Structural Insulated Panels SIPs with integrated studs, super-insulating polyurethane foam and radiant vapor barrier are The Smart SIP.  Available in 3-1/2”- R-26, 5-1/2”- R-42 and 7-1/4” – R-52 for your walls, roof or floors.  Call now for a free estimate of your next SIP home – 1.877.552.2440 or to find out more about energy savings with RAY-CORE SIPs, visit our website

To read more about GO Home, visit the GO Logic website, EcoHome Magazine or visit the Structural Insulated Panel Association’s website at

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