RAY-CORE SIPs in the Beautiful Bahamas

SIPs by RAY-CORE in the Bahamas

SIPs by RAY-CORE – Eleuthera, Bahamas

SIPs– Insulated Roof Panels by RAY-CORE – Tom McDevitt, an avid surfer, just knew that a home on Eleuthera was for him a “must-have”.  In preparations for construction of his new home, Tom came to RAY-CORE in the spring of 2011 in search of a good roof insulation solution for his planned island home.  Needing a product to meet hurricane standards, withstanding 160 mph winds, RAY-CORE insulated roof panel SIPs was just the answer. In May of 2012, Tom’s new home dream came true.

SIPs Lightweight Structural Insulated Roof Panels

SIPs by RAY-CORE structural insulated roof panels are lightweight at less than 42 pounds easily handled by one or two persons

RAY-CORE supplied Tom with its 3-1/2” R-26 polyurthane roof panel SIPs.  In an effort to stand up to Eleuthera’s sever termite problems, Tom requested his roof panels be manufactured with the optional pressure-treated studs.  For added strength against gale-force winds, Tom also chose the 16 inch on-center studs with the optional shiplap connection joint.  These lightweight, 4 foot wide by 8 foot long SIPs panels, weighing

SIPs Insulated Panels by RAYCORE
SIPs Insulated Panels by RAYCORE are lightweight at 42 lbs and easy to handle

only 42 pounds, were easy to handle while hand placing them on the third-story roof, perched high overlooking the expansive island coast.


SIP Panel by RAY-CORE Perched High Above the Coast

SIP Panel by RAY-CORE being installed wihle perched high above the Eleuthera coast









Structural Insulated Roof Panels SIPs in Eleutherna

Structural Insulated Roof Panels SIPs by RAY-CORE… roof with a view!








Eleuthera Map SIPs by RAY-CORE

Eleuthera Map






In the Bahamas, beautiful Eleuthera , the word meaning “freedom”, is an island paradise located 50 miles east of Nassau.  The long, slender island runs north and south, approximately 110 miles long and averaging a mile wide, and is home to around 8,000 residents.  Surrounded by warm and crystal clear water, the eastern shoreline is a mixture of cliffs, bluffs and white-sand crescent shaped beaches.  The western side too offers amazing bluff views and beautiful beaches, but it overlooks the shallower and clear blue water of the Great Bahama Banks.  Drawn to the area by the beauty of its water, beach-combing, fishing and surfing are activities that fill resident’s days.RAY-CORE Structural Insulated Panels SIPs are proud to be a part of Tom’s new home in this beautiful island paradise.  A few pictures of Tom’s favorite places borrowed from www.eleutherasurf.com.

Eleuthera Bahamas Coast McDevitt

Beautiful picture of Eleuthera Bahamas Coast by Tom McDevitt borrowed from www.eleutherasurf.com

Glass Window Bridge Eleuthera by McDevitt

Picture of Glass Window Bridge at Eleuthera by Tom McDevitt



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