Insulation Panel Benefits – Timberland Construction

Insulation Panel benefits by RAY-CORE – Ernie, with Timberland Construction (established in 1986) constructed a few spec homes to boost his business in the down economy. Discovering and using RAY-CORE insulation panel was a great decision to help give him an edge against competitors.

Insulation Panel RAY CORE SIPs - Timberland Construction
Insulation Wall Panel RAYCORE Structural Insulated Panels - Timberland
Insulation Panel - RAY-CORE SIP Panel - Timberland
Insulation Panel - RAY-CORE Struturally Insulated Panels - Easy Installation
Anchoring your SIP panel is easy.  Simply cut out a block of foam at the bottom plate.
Insulation Panel - SIP Panel Installation - RAY CORE
Bolt down the plate and return the block of foam to its original place.  If there are any voids, a little canned foam and some foil tape seals everything up tight.

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