Search for Structural Insulated Panels Leads Homeowner to a Superiorly Insulated Home

Structural Insulated Panels For Vaulted Ceiling

New Jersey resident, Tom Kappeler needed a good solution for insulating the exposed beam vaulted ceiling that was to become the central feature of his new home, Tom wanted a product that would provide the most insulation possible, R-40 or better, in the least amount of space.  Searching Structural Insulated Panels SIPs on the internet took him to a long list of SIP panels manufacturers who produce the more commonly known “sandwich panel” style structural insulated panels.  Consisting of an insulating foam (generally polystyrene) with OSB glued to either side, Tom found this to be “overkill and overpriced” and didn’t like the idea that he would have to use insulation panels “12 inches thick to meet code requirements”.

Structural Insulated Panels by RAYCORE Kappeler
RAY-CORE Structural Insulated Panels – SIPs Wall Panels Quick and Easy Framing

Structural Insulated Panels by RAY-CORE Was the Answer 

 Tom was thrilled when he came upon RAY-CORE Structural Insulated Panels.  Utilizing polyurethane foam, integrated studs and a foil radiant vapor barrier, RAY-CORE is a different kind of structural insulated panel.  Tom was impressed by the whopping R26 insulation value RAY-CORE packs into their 3-1/2” panel and the impressive R42 achieved in the 5-1/2” panel.   Concerned about upfront costs, Tom ran the numbers and determined that if he went with spray foam, the added cost was far above the RAY-CORE panels.  Considering, as Tom put it “energy savings down the road and other cost savings immediately during construction… Insulation is done… Vapor barrier is done…”  and the benefits that come with basic sealing techniques to cut down air infiltration, RAY-CORE SIPs panels would be an affordable solution for both the walls and ceilings on this project.

SIPs Wall Panels By RAY-CORE

RAY-CORE SIPs Wall Panels Before Sheetrock

Blogging About RAY-CORE SIP Panels

Before starting his New Home, Tom decided that this was going to be one to share with others, so he again took to the internet, posting a blog.  Taking visitors each step of the way, this give him a forum to share ideas, products and techniques utilized successes and allow others the opportunity to ask questions and provide input.  Packed full of pictures, some of which that have been shared in this article, feel free to drop in and see what Tom and others have to say about RAY-CORE Structural Insulated Panels.

Structural Insulated Roof Panels by RAY-CORE

RAY-CORE’s Structural Insulated Panels – Roof SIPs

Tom’s readers too are intrigued and impressed with RAY-CORE Structural Insulated Panels.  A simple product for both builders or Do-It-Yourself-ers, readers agree with Tom’s conclusions.  Doing a quick calculation “on the back of a napkin”, one poster found that “for a 2×6 wall with fiberglass bat[sic] (R-18) verses 2×4 Raycore panels (R-25)[sic] –(R-26)” put “Raycore panels at a competitive price for the same R-value of insulation”.   Considering the benefits of a lifetime of energy costs savings, many of Tom’s visitors now will utilize RAY-CORE SIPs for their next project.


In the end, Tom’s words are simply put…  “Love the Panels!”.

And you can too… To find out more about RAY-CORE SIP Panels visit our website at or feel free to click the green button on the right of your screen and one of RAY-CORE’s knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you.  If you wish to speak to someone right now, feel free to phone toll-free 1.877.552.2440.

Structural Insulated Panels Open Beam Ceiling

Structural Insulated Panels Both Walls and Ceilings Come Together To Make a Tight, Super-Insulated Envelope

Structural Insulated Panels for Vaulted Ceiling RAY-CORE

RAY-CORE’s Structural Insulated Panels – The Perfect Product for Insulating this Beautiful Vaulted Ceiling

Structural Insulated Panels SIPs Wall Panels RAY-CORE

Another Beautiful Home Built with RAY-CORE Structural Insulated Panels Will Enjoy A Lifetime of Energy Savings!


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