Structural Insulated Panel ?

Structural Insulated Panel Otherwise known as SIPs, Structural Insulated Panels are a prefabricated composite building system that consists of a high R-value insulation panel with a structural element that is used for framing residential and light commercial buildings.  The first structural insulated panel was developed in the 1930’s, consisting of a cardboard core with plywood applied to either side.  Stressed-skin panels, now more commonly know as sandwich panels came of age in the 1950’s with the creation of the first foam-filled panel.   Most structural insulated panels on the market today are constructed of a polystyrene foam core with oriented strand board skins glued to the foam core.  In the 80’s Harry Raymond saw a better way to build without all the problems associated with conventional SIPs panels.  Take a look at the better structural insulated panel…

RAY-CORE is different!

Would you trust glue to hold up your home?  Homes built with traditional sandwich panels do just that.  RAYCORE SIPs are different.  They have taken the tried and true methods of conventional framed construction by taking only the best quality doug fir studs,  added the high performance of polyurethane foam insulation, and wrapped it in a foil vapor barrier to produce a superiorly strong, highly insulating and unquestionably dependable structural insulated panel that will last the lifetime of your home.

Structural Insulated Panel by RAY-CORE
Structrual Insulated Panel by RAY-CORE – The Better SIP

RAY-CORE is Better!

Better than conventional framed construction, RAY-CORE SIPs are manufactured in the controlled conditions of a factory with only the highest quality materials.  Precision processes produce a structural insulated panel that is reliably straight, dependably square and is lightweight and easy to handle.

Better than sandwich panel sips, RAY-CORE produces a structurally insulated panel that uses studs rather OSB to provide the structural element that will hold up your home.  With high-density closed-cell polyurethane foam in place of the standard polystyrene foam, RAY-CORE offers considerably higher R-values without increasing the thickness of your walls.  No mold and mildew problems as associated with the competition’s product.  No costly window and door extension jambs or unsightly bulky facias because of the competition’s exceptionally thick panels.  No need for special engineering or the added costs of cranes that the competition’s product requires.  Affordable and Versatile!  Simply better…

RAY-CORE is the structural insulated panel you will want to use in your construction project.  Contact us now… Phone:  1.877.552.2440 for more information and to ask about discount pricing now.

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