SIPs by RAY-CORE Make the Difference – Mt. Lincoln Constuction

SIPs by RAY-CORE make the difference on this quality mountain home by Mt. Lincoln Construction…  Specializing in high end construction for the past 20 years, Mt. Lincoln Construction has been a leader in energy efficient builidng practices in the Lake Tahoe – Truckeee California Region.  They find RAY-CORE Structural Insulated Panels to be an ideal way of bringing that energy efficency to their homes
SIPs by RAY-CORE - Mt. Lincoln Construction
Turn the thermostat up!… On those bitter cold winter days, super R-value Structural Insulated Panels SIPs by RAY-CORE keep the heat in and the cold out without high cost heating bills!
What a beautiful setting!
Wiring is simple with RAY-CORE SIPs!
Building in the Truckee, California area?  Don’t leave the construction process to chance… call 877.552.2440 to find out more about RAY-CORE SIPs and how to contact Mt. Lincoln Construction!  Or go to

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