SIP Panels vs Stick Framing – Part 1 – The Basics

The first big decision – SIP Panels or Stick Framing?  Why will I choose Structural Insulating Panels over the alternative?  Why not?  Which is the best framing choice for you?  Let’s start with the basics.

SIP vs Stick Framing RAY-CORE

SIP Panel vs Stick Framing – Making the Decision

Traditional stick framing as we know it has been around since the 1800’s.  Also known as “light-frame construction”, this form of construction consists of vertical structural members called “studs” providing the framework of a building. Headers support the weight of the structure above wall penetrations, such as doors and windows.   Rigid panels attached such as OSB or plywood and diagonal wood or metal bracing provide much of the strength to resist the forces of wind and seismic movement.  Wall sections usually include a bottom plate that is secured to the floor of the structure and two top plates that tie the walls together and carry the weight of the structure above.


Conventional structural insulated panels, as we know them, have been around since the 1950’s.  The most common structural insulated panel or SIP panel consists of a foam core insulation material, commonly polystyrene, sandwiched between two sheets of OSB and adhered with a glue.  Strength of the SIPs come from the combination of these materials.   These “sandwich panels” are joined one to another with a spline and attached at the floor with a dimensional lumber bottom plate and supported at the top with top plates as in conventional framing.


Different from conventional SIP panels, RAY-CORE structural insulated panels are an even better insulation panel.  RAY-CORE utilizes the centuries-old tried-and-true benefits of conventional stick-framing while putting into practice state-of-the-art advanced framing techniques.  Producing a lightweight modular panel consisting of integrated studs, super insulating polyurethane foam injected between the studs and wrapped in a foil radiant vapor barrier, RAY-CORE offers something different for those looking for the strongest, most dependable, best insulating and airtight high-tech product on the market.

Watch for our next post where we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages associated with stick framing, SIP Panel construction and RAY-CORE Structural Insulated Panels.  For more information now, click on the green button found on the right side of your screen!

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