SIP Panels Can Be Fun – Mark Morris in OK

Mark Morris shows that SIP Panels can be fun!  A builder in the Oklahoma City area, it was nothing short of a pleasure working with Mark. Everyone here at RAY-CORE enjoyed Mark’s fun and enthusiastic attitude. We are exited to continue working with Mark and be a part of the projects he’s working on in the future.

SIP Panels Mark Morris Oklahoma
SIP Panels by RAY-CORE - Morris in OK
SIP Panels - Morris OK Home
SIP Panels - Morris RAYCORE Home in OK
 SIP Panel - RAY CORE OK Project

One thought on “SIP Panels Can Be Fun – Mark Morris in OK

  1. What am I chopped liver? Just kidding. It has been a pleasure to work with Ray-Core and we love the product. I will continue to post as project progresses! Mark has done a terrific job on this house and it is coming along great!
    Thank you!

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