RAY-CORE in Africa!

RAY-CORE was asked by Mercy Ships to participate in their medical relief efforts in Sierra Leone, Africa. RAY-CORE provided three portable buildings to be used by staff members in providing much needed medical attention for 3rd world countries. Their first stop Sierra Leone in Africa and at the completion of their mission there, they will be disassembled and used at future locations. It was an honor to be able to participate with Mercy Ships in their massive humanitarian effort.

RAY-CORE and Mercy Ships - Sierra Leone

The whole construction group!

RAYCORE and Mercy Ships - Sierra Leone in Africa

The local workers were anxious and excited to help.

RAY-CORE Mercy Ship Building Goes Up in Sierra Leone

There was plenty of help. Two men for every drill.

RAY CORE and Mercy Ships - Getting The Job Done
RAY-CORE & Mercy Ships - New Friends

Some of the local help.

RAYCORE & Mercy Ships - Lots of Help

Everybody liked Bryan.

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