SIP Panel Addition for 1860 Michigan Home – Step By Step

Michigan SIP Panel addition for Michigan builder’s personal home using RAY-CORE Structural Insulated Panels – Builder Ross Menhart, of RossMan Construction, added onto his home using RAY-CORE SIP Panels.  He took this 1860 Michigan home and brought it into the 21st century, utilizing eco-friendly technology, green building materials and energy saving solutions.  RAY-CORE’s SIP Panel Wall and Roof Systems were integral in accomplishing Ross’s conservation goals.  Follow his project below.

Ross Menhart's 1860 Home Addition Using SIP Panel by RAY-CORE

Builder Ross Menhart’s 1860’s Michigan Home Is About To Get A Big Addition Using RAY-CORE SIP Panels

Believing that every great structure begins with a good foundation, builder / homeowner Menhart started with a Superior Walls precast concrete insulated foundation by Great Lakes Superior Walls, the perfect addition to a RAY-CORE Structural Insulated Panel home!

Superior Walls Insulated Foundation by Great Lakes Superior Wall -

Superior Walls for a SIP Panel Addition

It’s all in the details… installing insulated rim joist.

Insulated Rim Joist for SIP Panel Addition RossMan Construction

Insulated Rim Joist for SIP Panel Addition

RAYCORE SIPs - Bond Insulation

Bond Insulation

Bond Insulation – Menhart offset his bond joist so he could apply an additional layer of foil faced foam to the outside.  This offset allowed for a R-19.5 max and a R-6.5 min on the rim joist.

RAY-CORE Structural Insulated Panels Slide Into Place

Sliding RAY-CORE Structural Insulated Panels SIP Panel Walls Into Place

Menhart and helper easily slip the lightweight RAY-CORE SIPs wall into place.


RAYCORE SIP Panels Top to Bottom

RAY-CORE SIP Panels Top to Bottom

SIP Panel Walls Top to Bottom.

RAY-CORE Structural Insulated Panels for the Next Generation

It’s All In the Family – The Next Generation of Builders!

Raising up a new generation to energy conscious and innovative building solutions such as RAY-CORE SIP panels.

Insulated Roof Panels by RAY-CORE RossMan Construction

Sealing The SIP Panels All Up Tight!

 Sealing it All Up Tight!  Menhart filled in between the rafters with additional SIP Panel, cutoffs and waste, taping all seams and foaming all voids, seams and penetrations.

RAY-CORE SIP Panel from the Inside RossMan Construction

A View From the Inside

SIPs Wall Panels by RAY-CORE

Siding Installation

Roof Instulation RAY-CORE SIPs Panels

On Goes the Roof!

Insulated Panel Systems by RAY-CORE - RossMan Construction Home

Project Complete!

SIP Wall Panels RAYCORE and RossMan Construction

Always happy to share his knowledge and experience regarding green homebuilding, if building a new home or addition in the state of Michigan, feel free to contact Ross Menhart, at RossMan Construction.  Email:  or Phone: 269.615.7883.

Insulated Wall Panels RAYCORE


For more information about Insulated Wall Panel and Insulated Roof Panel construction with RAY-CORE Structural Insulated Panels SIPs, call one of RAY-CORE’s knowledgeable representatives Toll Free at 877.552.2440 or simply click the green button on the right of your screen to email your request.  Free estimates available.

SIP Panels Save Michigan Builder Money Month After Month

RAY-CORE SIP Panels caught the eye of Michigan builder Ross Menhart of RossMan Construction when in search of an insulation and framing solution to use in his construction of affordable, energy efficient homes.  RAY-CORE Structural Insulated Wall and Roof Panels, unique from the standard sandwich panel SIP, seemed to be the better solution and perfect fit for his mid-Michigan construction company.

 Always “looking for ways to do things better”, RAY-CORE’s super insulating SIP Panels air-tight wall and roof systems appealed to Ross, as an affordable solution that would save both time, and resulting labor costs, during the construction of the home and money, in energy costs, for the lifetime of the home.

SIP Panels By RAY-CORE Menhart

Addition Designed Around SIP Panels by RAY-CORE

When Ross’s personal needs suddenly changed, requiring the construction of a 600 square foot addition to his 1860’s home, there was no question that RAY-CORE SIPs were a “must have”.  This opportunity would allow Ross to experience the product at a different level, getting up-front and personal, not only through the construction phase, but ongoing, at a day-to-day basis.

As Ross walked his Otego property on a snowy December morning, he shared some of his experiences with the RAY-CORE SIP Panels.  One of the biggest concerns he had when putting on this sizable addition was the demands it would put on his relatively new HVAC system.  Ross was pleasantly surprised when his heating contractor informed him that, if anything, the existing system might now be larger than required for the home.  Removal of 20 feet of the old, 1800’s poorly insulated and leaky exterior wall, and replacing it with an additional 80 feet of airtight, superiorly-insulated SIP panels walls, would vastly improve the efficiency of the total structure.  Who would have thought that by adding square footage to a home, it would make a furnace so much more efficient, and actually reduce the overall heating costs?

SIP Panels By RAY-CORE Michigan Builder's Home

SIP Panels Addition Has No Ice Cycles!

As Ross’s walk and conversation with RAY-CORE were drawing to an end this cold winter day, with so much good to say about RAY-CORE Structural Insulated Panels he found it “hard to narrow it down to one simple statement.”   Approaching his home he couldn’t help but chuckle.  Ice cycles hanging from the roof of the old structure glistened in the early morning light.  Not a single one was found hanging from the snow covered roof of the new addition.  His words simply stated, “That’s really cool!”

When looking for affordable green solutions for your next construction project, contact one of RAY-CORE’s knowledgeable representatives and ask them how RAY-CORE’s unique SIP Panels can save you money for the lifetime of your home.   Phone Toll Free:  877.552.2440 or simply click the green button to the right of your screen and someone will respond promptly!

Always happy to share his knowledge and experience regarding green homebuilding, if building a new home or addition in the state of Michigan, feel free to contact Ross Menhart, at RossMan Construction.  Email:  or Phone: 269.615.7883.

RAY-CORE SIPs Panels Are Perfect Fit for Idaho Designer & Builder

SIPS Panels by RAY-CORE and Idaho Home Design

SIPs Panels by RAY-CORE Spec’d by Idaho Home Design in Southpoint 3724 Sq Ft, 5 Bedroom Home

RAY-CORE SIPs Panels are a perfect fit for Idaho Designer, Tanya Cromwell at Idaho Home Design and her partner Leland Jensen of Leland Jensen Construction.  With energy efficiency a foremost concern in all their homes, Leland Jensen believes that “meeting code isn’t enough.  We must go above and beyond the minimum code requirements.”  Their goal is to not only build a home that their customers will be comfortable in, but one that is energy efficient, lowering their energy bills and saving them money over the long term.  At their estimated 1% increase in construction costs compared to the overall cost of the home, Leland and Tanya find RAY-CORE SIPs to be an outstanding added value that will be easily made up by the homeowner in utility bills during the first couple of years they are in the home.  Lower utility bills mean overall lower monthly expenses, and that feels good.  But nothing compares to the comfort of living in a tight, super-insulated home built with RAY-CORE SIPs panels. And the benefits go far beyond insulation value.

SIPs Panels by RAY-CORE

SIPs Panels by RAY-CORE Under Construction at Southpoint

Tanya touted the benefits of tight construction that are a result of the RAY-CORE SIPs panels.  “Clients have described how they cannot hear the wind in their home, and in Idaho Falls the wind blows a lot here!”  While speaking with one of their clients more recently, Tanya learned of a benefit she hadn’t thought of.  “We had a client that purchased a model home ask us why her home was so much quieter than their neighbors.”  Not aware of the special methods and materials that the house had been built with, which included RAY-CORE SIPs, the homeowner couldn’t imagine what would make such a difference.  This homeowner commented that her neighbors were all complaining about the construction noise in their new subdivision and she commented that she hadn’t even noticed. Once Tanya explained how the solid core exterior walls, consisting of RAY-CORE polyurethane foam SIPs panels, greatly diminished sound penetration, this homeowner was even more appreciative of her superior quality Leland Jenson Construction built home.

SIPs Panels by RAYCORE - Leland Jensen Construction

Finished Southpoint Home by Leland Jensen Construction Using RAYCORE Structural Insulated Panels

Leland commented on the simplicity of using RAY-CORE SIPs panels.  Intimidating at first to some new framers, “after a quick tutorial, our framer can construct a home with RAY-CORE SIPs as quickly as a stick built home.”  RAY-CORE takes the three construction steps of framing, installing vapor barrier and insulating and put them all into a single, energy and labor saving framing system.  With the utilization of RAY-CORE’s insulated headers, the substantial heat loss that traditionally occurs in that space is eliminated.  With Idaho temperatures ranging from 40 degrees F below zero in the winter, to 105 degrees F in the summer, Tanya remarked that “heating and cooling the homes here is a big deal!  RAY-CORE makes the building envelope much more efficient.”

To learn more about RAY-CORE Structural Insulated Panels, email simply click the green button to the right of your screen and one of our knowledgeable representatives will get back with you.  For immediate assistance, pick up the phone and call toll free, 877.552.2440.

For assistance with your design needs, visit Idaho Home Design’s website at:, or contact Tanya by email: or call 208.589.9558.  When building a new home in the Idaho Falls area, you can reach Leland, of Leland Jensen Construction, by email at: or phone 208.529.4135.  Visit their website at: